We, at the Plaza Inn Mizusawa, operate under the motto, “where you will always encounter kindness,”and aim to provide an environment, where you can stay comfortably and become intimate.
Most of the staff only speak a little English, however, they all enjoy and look forward to speaking with you. Please do feel free to tell us about your day, or anything else!

Guest Rooms Enjoy a relaxing time in a spacious room overlooking the Ou mountains.

Suite room

The hotel has one suite room only. It measures 48.3 square meters and features a large window that commands a panoramic view of Ou mountains throughout the four seasons.

Twin room

The hotel features two types of twin rooms: twin rooms decorated in gentle colors measuring 35.4 square meters, and compact rooms measuring 14.52 square meters which is arranged for comfort.

Double room

The hotel features two types of double rooms: double rooms decorated in sophisticated colors measuring 17.5 square meters, and double rooms measuring 14.52 square meters which is arranged for comfort.

Single room

The hotel features two types of single rooms: Standard rooms measuring 16.1 square meters, and compact rooms measuring 12.1 square meters.

Breakfast Buffet (charged separately)

Enjoy a relaxing breakfast with a view of the courtyard, befitting a fresh start to the morning.

Guest room amenities* All guest rooms are equipped with the following items.

Bathrobe, bath towels, face towels, body soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush set, razor, slippers, shoe paper, cooling and heating unit, bath tub, TV, pay-per-view TV, phone, electric kettle, refrigerator, alarm clock, and hair dryer.
* The following items are available by request for use during your stay.
Desk lamp, pant presser, iron, humidifier, and air purifier.


Internet connection is free and available in all guest rooms. The type of connection, either by a LAN cable or Wi-Fi, varies by room.


Japanese cuisine restaurant, Kikusui, offers traditional Kaiseki course menu, seasonal dishes, and creative items, which highlight the carefully selected ingredients.
TThe ingredients come from Iwate, and what is in peak season for the day/ week/ month. Moreover, the restaurant offers dishes featuring Maesawa beef (Iwate beef), the regional specialty breed that has been heralded as having the best quality of meat. Please enjoy the sensation of the beef melting on your tongue. The rice served at Kikusui is cooked in Iwate world-famous Nanbu Cast Ironware pot. Please enjoy Iwate culture while you dine.
Please enjoy its sincere service and the exquisite dishes.


Hiraizumi – Temples, Gardens and Archaeological Sites Representing the Buddhist Pure Land(Registered World Heritage Site)

Chuson-ji Motsu-ji Kanjizaio-in Ato (Former Kanjizaioin Garden) Muryoko-in Ato Mt. Kinkeisan iis made up. Heian Period(11th Century~12th Century)Political and administrative center of the Northern region.Heian Period(11th Century~12th Century)Political and administrative center of the Northern region.


15-minute train ride to JR Tohoku Line Hiraizumi Station
To each of the tourist spots from Hiraizumi Station (duration and directions):
Chuson-ji: approximately 10 minutes by taxi; 35 minutes by foot (2.3km/1.4 miles)
Motsu-ji: Approximately 10 minutes by foot (750m/2,460 ft)
Kanjizaio-in Ato: approximately 9 miutes by foot (700m/2,300ft)
Muryoko-in Ato: approximately 9 minutes by foot (700m/2,300ft)

Historical Park Esashi Fujiwara no Sato (Fujiwara Heritage Park) (Oshu-shi, Esashi)

A historical park featuring Oshu Fujiwara clan during the Heian period (11th~12th century) (has a museum).
Famous shooting spot for movies and TV shows.


Approximately 18 minutes by taxi from the hotel (9km/5.6miles)

Oshu Space &npsb; Astronomy Museum (Ushu-shi, Mizusawa)

Astronomical science museum located within the premises of National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Mizusawa VERA observatory.


Approximately 10 minutes by taxi from the hotel (3kn/1.9 miles)

Aterui no Sato Rice paddy art (Oshu-shi, Mizusawa)

Has been held yearly since 2008.
An event to create images by planting different breeds of rice in the paddy.
Best views from early July through mid-September


Approximately 7 minutes by taxi or 30 minutes by foot from the hotel (2.5km/1.6 miles)

Location/ Directions

Address: 29 Ushiroda Sakurakawa Mizusawa-ku Oshu-shi, Iwate-ken 023-0003
Phone: +81-197-25-8811
FAX: +81-197-25-8819
Coordinates : 39°8'56"N


Directions to and straight distance to each spot from the hotel:
・Narita International Airport (NRT) 380km/236 miles North
・Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) [HND] 420km/260 miles North Northeast
・Sendai Airport (SDJ) 115km/70 miles North
・Iwate Hanamaki Airport [HNA] 30km/19 miles South

Train stations

Directions to and straight distance to each spot from the hotel:
・Tokyo station 400km/249 miles North Northeast
・Sendai station 100km/62 miles North
・Morioka station 60km/37 miles South
・Hiraizumi station (JR Tohoku Line) 18km/11miles North
・Mizusawa Esashi station (JR Tohoku Shinkansen) 3.5km/2miles West
・Mizusawa station (JR Tohoku Line) 1.2km/3,900 ft North Northeast


JR Tokyo station →(Tohoku Shinkansen・2 hours20 minutes~2 hours 50 minutes)→JR Mizusawa Esashi station →(Taxi, about 10 minutes)→ Plaza Inn Mizusawa
JR Mizusawa station (Tohoku Line) → (Taxi, about 5 minutes) → Plaza Inn Mizusawa


We have different members of the staff in charge of customer care in their respective languages. However, they are available on the E-Mail only.

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